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2024 Summer Newsletter
12-7-23 Meeting Minutes
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MDA Deliver the Cure
Parcel Delivery

Here are instructions from USPS Handbooks on how to deliver parcels:

Handbook M-39 says:

“ 125.7 Parcel Delivery
Carriers ordinarily must deliver parcels at the same time other mail is delivered since separate delivery of parcels would necessitate traveling the route twice. However, if parcels cannot be carried with other mail in the shoulder satchel, or satchel cart where authorized, instruct the carrier regarding delivery of parcels using one of the methods outlined below:
a. Parcels Too Heavy or Large for Satchel. Bypass the stop until the loop is completed, then drive to the delivery point to deliver the parcel and
other mail at the same time. Use this method when the mailer or
addressee has authorized the carrier to leave the parcel.
b. Delivery of Parcel After Completing Loop. The carrier may park in the usual location and deliver the letter and flat mail first. However, when delivering the letters determine if the parcel is deliverable. If no one is available to receive the parcel but the carrier knows that someone is usually available, the carrier does not leave Form 3849, Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt. The parcel is returned to the office for a
second attempt on the next delivery day. In this situation, a notice is left
if the parcel cannot be delivered after the second attempt. If no one is available to receive the parcel and the carrier knows that no one is
usually available, the carrier completes and leaves Form 3849 after the
first attempt and returns the parcel to the delivery unit. If the carrier
does not know if someone is usually available to receive parcels, a
notice is left after the first attempt.”

Handbook M-41 says for park and loop routes:

“323.3 Parcel Post
For heavy parcels, the following systems may be used:
a. Begin the loop at the point of the parcel delivery.
b. Bypass the stop until the loop is complete, then drive to the delivery
point with both the mail and the parcel.
c. If a parcel is heavy, will not fit into your satchel, or requires a signed
receipt, determine if someone is available at the address by ringing the
doorbell or knocking on the door at the time of delivery of the rest of the
mail. If no answer, follow the procedures in 322.311 and 322.312 (basically, leave in a safe place or leave a notice- ed.). If someone is available to receive the parcel, return with it after completing the loop.”

Note that Handbook M-41 gives an additional option for parcel delivery on park and loop routes. For mounted routes, deliver parcels in the normal sequence of the route. Dismount if the parcel is too large for the mail receptacle.

A reminder: never leave parcels where they may be exposed to possible theft or inclement weather unless the mailer has opted for the carrier release program. If in doubt leave a notice (PS3849). Also, when estimating overtime on Form PS3996, give a rough count of the parcels you will be delivering that day.

Proper delivery of parcels will improve customer satisfaction and ensure proper credit for the time necessary to complete your assignment. 


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